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The best way to improve writing in your school

Find and build inspiring lessons, engage your pupils with tools to write, edit and publish their work, then easily moderate writing judgements online.

Think writing, think Pobble!

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With Pobble you can...

Search WAGOLLs for every writing genre and year group

Good WAGOLLs (what a good one looks like) aren’t easy to come by. Teachers often end up writing their own, or use one from a textbook.

On Pobble, you’ll find thousands of ‘real-life’ examples of children’s writing in the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work, searchable by age, genre or topic. They are ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration.


Discover ready-to-go writing lessons

As well as our popular Pobble 365 lessons, you'll also find short, objective-based lessons covering everything from apostrophes to question marks.

Longer, themed-based presentations cover a range of writing opportunities aligned with popular curriculum topics. Plus, a new favourite with the Pobble community, Pobble News – perfect for weekly homework!

Easily edit and share lessons

All of our lessons, including Pobble 365 are editable to suit your teaching needs. Feeling creative? You can easily build your own lesson presentation using our unique slide types.

All of the presentations are easily accessible wherever you need to share them - at home, in school or with fellow teachers… You can even print them out!


Access pupil tools to support self and peer assessment

Looking to empower your pupils with their writing? With pupil logins you can send lessons to pupils, they can upload work, then using our editable success criteria slides they can self assess their writing.

All work is uploaded to the pupil evidence bank which can be used for peer assessment, worldwide publishing and to support moderation.

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Publish your pupils' writing for the world to enjoy!

As teachers, we know that the key to good writing is to provide pupils with a real audience and purpose. Pobble gives children the opportunity to become a published author on your own school page.

What could be more exciting than being recognised as a star writer in your school and knowing that your work will be read by people from all over the world? Now that's a reason to write!

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Moderate writing judgements online

We've been working in partnership with North Yorkshire Local Authority to create the world's first remote moderation solution.

Our tools take the stress out of setting up and running a writing moderation meeting, making it easier to moderate with other schools and helping you to be more confident in your judgements. No more hauling books across town to moderation meetings!

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Is writing a priority for your school in 2021? We can help!


Pobble is most effective when it’s used as a whole school approach. With thanks to support from Nesta and the UK Department for Education's Edtech Innovation Fund, we’re offering 500 schools the opportunity to have a whole school Pobble package for just £500 a year!

When you sign up as a Pobble school, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited teacher accounts
  • Invites to our free weekly training webinars
  • Pupil tools to support remote learning
  • Access to all our curriculum-aligned lessons
  • A school page to celebrate your writers
  • Access to our new online moderation tool
  • Full help desk support

How to get set up 

Once you have secured your 500 for 500 Pobble school place, we will provide you with all you need to get set up. In less than 10 minutes we can help you to create accounts for your staff, add your pupils and book your first training session!

If you would like to be part of our 500 for 500 cohort and join us on our mission to make a difference to as many young writers around the world as we can, choose an option that best suits you below.

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What school leaders say

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"Pobble has had a huge impact on our writing. As well as accelerated progress, we’ve seen a greater depth and creativity to pupils’ writing."

Chris Willan – Headteacher at Water Primary Water, Rossendale, UK


"Many children at my school found writing difficult, but Pobble has inspired even our most reluctant writers.The Pobble team have done an exceptional job in supporting my staff to ensure that our pupils make the best progress possible."

Chris Dyson – Headteacher and National Leader of Education, Parklands Primary School, Leeds


"We love Pobble! It cuts teacher workload and connects our children with other young writers from all over the world – so much inspiration in one platform!"

Christine McLelland – Headteacher, North Bridge House Pre-Prep School, London

Results from our UCL Educate research project from 14 schools

Pobble is proven to improve pupils' speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, whilst reducing teacher workload.

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