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10 strategies you need to improve writing progress in your school.

We've compiled a free guide for school leaders looking to accelerate writing progress.

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The 10 strategies you need to accelerate writing progress

What you gain when you become a Pobble School:




Pobble easy access




Everything your teachers need to plan writing lessons

Engaging, editable, curriculum-mapped writing lessons, including:

Pobble 365a unique, engaging image with writing activities for every day of the year, perfect for a daily starter activity.
Topics and themes40 theme-based, week-long, age-differentiated writing units covering all key writing curriculum objectives.
Pobble Newsweekly writing activities linked to current child-friendly news stories, ideal for homework.


Writing specific resources, including:

Word banks - ready-made editable word banks covering key vocabulary.
Success criteria - interactive, genre-specific writing checklists.
Writing bank - thousands of writing examples sorted by age, topic and genre created by children around the world.


...or, create your own:

Lesson builder tool - edit our lessons in seconds, or easily create your own.

Writing-specific slide typesincludes interactive activity slides and access to thousands of interesting, copyright-free images.

Audience and purpose

As teachers, we know that the key to good writing is to provide pupils with a real audience and purpose. 

Publish your pupils’ writing for the world to enjoy on your own school Pobble page. Then celebrate achievements and raise the profile of writing across your school community.

Learn more about publishing


Writing specific pupil tools

Pobble's pupil tools allow children to:

  • Access Pobble 365, Pobble lessons and content shared with them by the teacher.
  • Type in Pobble, or photograph handwritten work and submit to the teacher.
  • Improve editing skills by implementing our peer and self-assessment tools.

Learn more about pupil tools.

Training and onboarding support

We're always here to support our school community. As a Pobble School, you also get:

  • Pobble leader training for your writing lead and/or SLT.
  • Full training for your whole teaching team.
  • Moderation training for your English and assessment leads.
  • Unlimited helpdesk support via chat, email or phone.

Add online moderation to your school package for only £200

  • Share and discuss writing collections online. Ideal for cross-school moderation. Save time, increase participation, and improve the reliability of assessment.
  • Access exemplification materials and create your own benchmarked files. Ideal for building up evidence for statutory moderation visits and inspection.

Learn more about online moderation.

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What school leaders say

We're thrilled to have a team of incredible teachers and school leaders sharing our passion for improving writing. Meet our Pobble Champions and see how they use Pobble to inspire and improve writing in their schools.

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"Pobble has had a huge impact on our writing. As well as accelerated progress, we’ve seen a greater depth and creativity to pupils’ writing."

Chris Willan – Headteacher at Water Primary Water, Rossendale, UK


"I champion Pobble because it provides a great platform for children's writing to be shared. It's an amazing repository of children's work from across the world which is searchable and allows both children and teachers to access hundreds of great examples of writing! Pobble also provides great ideas and wonderful pictures which inspire children to write well!"

Andrew Clark – Deputy Headteacher
Chorley St James' CofE Primary


"I champion Pobble because engaging children to write in a meaningful way makes them really excited about writing, as a school leader I can see the impact it has for staff, parents and most of all our students."

Kate Bodle – Deputy Headteacher
St. Mary's Preparatory School

Meet our Pobble Champions

Pobble works! It's proven to improve pupils' speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, whilst reducing teacher workload.

Read the results from our UCL Educate research project from 14 schools:

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