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Pobble 365 is now exclusively available through your Pobble account. You’ll always be able to access it for free, or upgrade to a Pobble premium plan to gain access to all our premium teaching and learning tools.

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Introducing the new and improved Pobble 365

Pobble 365 now has a significantly enhanced design and a number of new features, allowing you to do so much more!

present Present easily
View and click through the image and each activity as presentation slides.
search Improved search
Search specific activities by genre and topic.
save Bookmark your favourites!
Easy access whenever you need.
edit Make it your own!
Edit the content to suit your context for your young writers.
slide-type Add new slide types
Including word banks, success criteria and writing examples.
share Share easily
Send lessons to pupil accounts or share a link.

You can always use Pobble 365 for free, but with a Pobble premium subscription, you gain access to so much more!

A Teaching and Learning plan includes all our high-quality, engaging, editable writing resources and lessons, pupil drafting, feedback and editing tools, plus a place to celebrate your pupils' writing achievements.



   All this for just £4 a month!*

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