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At Pobble we believe there’s a journey to becoming a good writer


Pobble started in the classroom. We’ve since worked alongside hundreds of thousands of teachers to understand the writing process and develop our teaching and learning tools. They’re designed to save you time whilst supporting your pupils to produce their best writing.

Engage your pupils

Spark their imagination and show them what good writing looks like.


Prepare them to write

Build their writing toolkit and agree on the steps for success.



Help them create their best work

Let them write, before improving their work through self and peer assessment.



Provide audience and purpose

Boost their confidence and motivation and show that their writing matters.



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Pobble supports the entire writing process. With a Pobble account, you can...

Find or build engaging lessons 

Pobble provides you with hundreds of exciting ready-made lessons, searchable by age, genre, or topic and all editable! Or use the lesson builder to create your own. You also gain access to the world’s largest bank of writing examples.

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Easily share work with your pupils

Any Pobble lesson can be presented in class, printed out or sent to pupils using 1:1 devices. 

Pupil logins allow your class to access these and learn independently in school or at home. Writing specific resources such as success criteria, word banks and interactive slides prepare them to write. 

Help them create their best writing

Pupil tools allow your class to engage in self and peer assessment to edit and improve their writing. They can then type or photograph their work, submit it back to you on Pobble where you can mark it in your online mark book. 

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Celebrate their achievements

Pobble provides an opportunity for you to turn your pupils into published authors and celebrate their writing with the world. They can receive feedback from their parents and a safe, global community of children and teachers all around the world! This builds confidence in their writing and motivates them to keep improving their work.

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New on Pobble

The future of writing moderation

Our tools take the stress out of setting up and running a writing moderation meeting. Make it easier to moderate with other schools and help prepare your staff for statutory moderation.

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